Recent activities

Below are a few examples of what I have been up to recently, including some of my recent talks and workshops.

Practitioner article on how to respond to Covid-19 and other crises

Understanding how events such as Covid-19 change the business environment is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive. Based on our academic work on external enablers of entrepreneurship, Per Davidsson, Jan Recker and I created a simple framework with step-by-step guidelines to help entrepreneurs and managers to identify, assess, and respond to change.

Workshop on the future of digital entrepreneurship research

Together with my colleague Jan Recker from the University of Cologne I organized a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on the future of digital entrepreneurship research at ICIS 2019. The workshop set out to establish a  platform for researchers about how they can shape the future of digital entrepreneurship research.

Talk on how digital nudges enable growth hacking of digital platform businesses

At ICIS 2019 I gave a presentation about how digital platform businesses can use digital nudges—user-interface design elements that purposefully guide user behaviour towards specific choices—for growth hacking. The success of digital platform businesses often depends on whether they can create and maintain network effects. I explained how four specific types of digital nudges allow businesses to actively orchestrate network effects on their platforms.

Mentoring at the hardware startup weekend

I volunteered as a mentor at the Arc & Techstars Hardware Startup Weekend and discussed strategic aspects of their ideas with participating hardware start-ups to identify opportunities for improvement.

Workshop on how change creates business opportunities

Together with my colleague Per Davidsson from the Australian Center for Entrepreneurship I gave a workshop at the MIT Innovation Trek about how changes in the business environment—such as novel technologies, natural disasters, socio-demographic developments, and sanctions—create business opportunities. Building on various real-world examples of change that disrupted incumbents and led to the emergence of flourishing new businesses, we introduced participants to a framework that allowed them to identify and understand opportunities created by change.

Talk on how digitization enables continuous customer relationships

Continuous customer relationships become increasingly crucial for achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage. Drawing on various examples of organizations that have successfully established continuous customer relationships, this talk explored how digitization enables organizations to be omnipresent during, actively participate in, and dynamically adapt to their customers’ lives.