Frederik von Briel, PhD

Lecturer @ UQ Business School

I research how innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities emerge and how organizations—from early-stage start-ups to mature enterprises—can identify and seize such opportunities.

Digitization is a key focus of my work. Digital technologies and the changes they bring unlock innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities on an unprecedented scale. They often transform entire industries.

I work closely with organizations and have successfully helped many of them with research-based evidence to seize innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities. For example, I have worked with digital hardware start-ups around the world, business accelerators in Silicon Valley, small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in Europe, and one of the world’s largest retailers in Australia (Woolworths Ltd.).

Prior to my academic career, I was a Business Intelligence Consultant at Hewlett-Packard and a Customer Relationship Management Specialist at IBM. In these roles, I have helped clients from various industries including automotive, finance, and retail to implement evidence-based decision-making processes.

I also did search engine optimization and website design as a freelancer when Google had just started, run a small eBay e-commerce operation when eBay was just emerging and worked on the shop floor in various industries from automotive to construction to computer manufacturing to metal manufacturing to retail.

My PhD on business accelerators and high-tech start-ups is from City University of Hong Kong, I have an MBE from Steinbeis University Berlin, and a BSc in Business Information Systems from Hochschule Furtwangen University.