Frederik von Briel, PhD

Senior Lecturer & Program Leader @ UQ Business School

I research and teach how business opportunities emerge and how organizations—from early-stage start-ups to mature enterprises—can identify and seize such opportunities.

Digitization is a key focus of my work. Digital technologies and the changes they bring unlock business opportunities on an unprecedented scale. They often transform entire industries.

I work closely with organizations and have successfully helped many of them with research-based evidence to seize business opportunities. For example, I have worked with digital hardware start-ups around the world, business accelerators in Silicon Valley, small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in Europe, an Australian fintech unicorn, and one of the world’s largest retailers.

Prior to my academic career, I was a Business Intelligence Consultant at Hewlett-Packard and a Customer Relationship Management Specialist at IBM. In these roles, I have helped clients from various industries including automotive, finance, and retail to implement evidence-based decision-making processes.

My PhD on business accelerators and high-tech start-ups is from City University of Hong Kong, I have an MBE from Steinbeis University Berlin, and a BSc in Business Information Systems from Hochschule Furtwangen University.