Below is a list of university courses that I am or have been involved in. I am currently also leading the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at UQ Business School.

Course coordinator and lecturer

2019 – 2020 — UQ Business School

  • Learning by doing in a disruptive world (undergraduate)
  • Evidence-based innovation management: From business model to business plan (graduate)

2018 — QUT Business School

  • Contemporary entrepreneurship (graduate)

Guest lecturer, tutor, and/or facilitator of undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate-level courses (Masters)

2015 – 2017 — QUT Business School & Information Systems School

  • Innovation and disruption (guest lecturer, undergraduate)
  • Writing information systems research articles (guest lecturer, postgraduate)

2012 – 2013 — City University of Hong Kong

  • Enhancing business intelligence using information systems (guest lecturer, graduate)
  • Introduction to eCommerce (tutor, graduate)
  • Data management (tutor, undergraduate)
  • Information technology leadership forum (facilitator, graduate)
  • Foundations of information and electronic business systems (facilitator, graduate)