Program Leader of the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UQ Business School is a distinct program that not only equips students with knowledge about how to succeed with innovation and entrepreneurship but also allows students to create bespoke journeys with courses from various faculties across UQ.

Coordinator and lecturer of two entrepreneurship and innovation courses

Learning by doing in a disruptive world (PBEL3000) is a work-integrated learning course in which final year undergraduate students from across UQ’s Business, Economics, and Law programs work in trans-disciplinary teams to solve complex and unbounded challenges of industry partners. The course runs over ten days in intensive mode and I teach students every day new tools and techniques that they then apply to unpack the industry challenge to come up with increasingly refined and validated solutions.

Managing Innovation (EIBS7302) is a core course in the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. It focuses on the fundamental concepts, strategies, and tools that can explain how and why some organizations succeed in innovation while others do not. I run the course as a flipped classroom, meaning that students have access to all the materials online and we then focus exclusively on having exercises and in-depth discussions around real-world cases in the classroom.